Dreams From A Summer House: Articles by Alan Ayckbourn

Dreams From A Summer House (Stephen Joseph Theatre 1992 production programme note)
Just two months ago the composer and writer
Took off on a trip to the Isle of Mallorca
And sat in a room for just less than a fortnight
And worked from near dawn till the gong went for dinner.
We took nothing with us a few scraps of paper, a keyboard, a printer
a simple computer, Recorders and mains leads, an amplified speaker
A whole load of software and two dozen pencils.
We came home exalted with back-ups and printouts,
A warm sense of triumph (though not from the sunshine),
We sat down in Scarboro' to read what we'd written
And several days later rewrote it completely ...
(Alan Ayckbourn's programme note for the original production)

“Not quite the truth, but why spoil a good story, I say.”
(Hand-written - and unreproduced - note amended to Alan’s original memo containing the above programme note)

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